The Crew


Almighty Soundz

The Beginning:
With a passion for The “Sound Clash” Industry, the father and founder of “Almighty Soundz” Earl AKA Digi AKA Melchizedek, set out on a mission to build a dynamic sound with a foundation of mainly “Conscious,” “Raggamuffin” and “Roots Reggae.” With Yahweh at the forefront of his every step, in the year 2000 this one man show began building his sound carefully articulating which reggae artists he sought after and the tunes for his dub collection.

Almighty Soundz team members:
Since Almighty Soundz was started out with only one man in the beginning, Earl gave “shout outs” to his his closest camaraderies “Man like Claytus, Wolfe, Dave and Ricky” when voicing his tunes. In 2002 Jay (selector) and Lenwor (mixer) joins the sound bringing a new dance hall style vibes, and began playing at various reggae spots out of Oakland and San Francisco CA. In 2005 Almighty Soundz won the Oakland Sound clash cup, and is currently the main distributor of mixed cd’s in the Bay area. In 2004 Kevin (selector) and Yetti (MC) comes on board to represent out of Trinidad and Tobago.

New Recruits:
Juvenile (mixer) and Jah Eyez (MC/DJ) with hands like lightening and tongues like fire this deadly combo, also hailing out of Trinidad and Tobago joins the crew in 2012. Blazing the trail with every step!!!

The Merge:
In Europe, 2011 Skiatta, Niko & Gary form Almighty Powa Int’l, a sound created for the promotion of dancehall music to 360°. In 2012 after recognizing their talents and passion for reggae/ dancehall music and sound clash, Earl recruits Skiatta, Niko & Gary , and adopts Almighty Powa Int’l. His mission is to further expand Almighty Soundz, making it an internationally world renowned sound, a great project that embraces a little world, Almighty Soundz Powa Int’l.


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